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It's Your Turn Sydney! - 27 Aug 2011
It is with great pleasure that we share our show with the people of Sydney! You can all catch our episodes on C31 on Saturdays at 8:00PM. Later in the week you can catch repeats on Tuesday at 5:30PM and Wednesday at 2:30PM. Hope you all enjoy our show as we have put a lot of work into it to bring you this good source of Animation goodness!

Series Re-run! - 04 Sep 2010
The Animators' Club series 1 is being repeated on C31. It will begin on Monday 6th at 4:30PM. Be sure to check it out for great tips on drawing/animation and watch some great Animations created here in Australia.

Episode 13 Now Online - 28 Jun 2010
We have now uploaded the series finale of The Animator's Club for all of you to enjoy. We hope everyone has enjoyed the show as we have enjoyed making it for you. Feedback and comments are most welcome and even ideas of what you might like to see in future shows perhaps. It has been a pleasure to bring you "The Animator's Club"

Episode 13 Repeats - 25 Jun 2010
Episode 13 will be repeated today at 3:30PM for anyone who missed out earlier in the week. It will also be repeated tomorrow at 1:00PM. Hopefully without any hiccups.

Episode 13 Tonight (Series Finale) - 21 Jun 2010
Well it is with great privilege we bring you our series finale. The conclusion to your principles of animation. A special edition of drawing with passion to be seen, made just for you guys. We Visit Mark Ruff in this episode who has set up a 360 degree camera rig to do some real fancy effects, just like the ones in the film "The Matrix". We hope you all enjoy our series finale as we have all enjoyed making it for you. Thank you for all your support.

Episode 12 Now Online - 19 Jun 2010
We have just uploaded episode 12 for you guys to watch, learn and enjoy. Head on over to our Episodes section to catch up on anything you may have missed. Tigr digs his hole even deeper... a must see!

In other news, The Melbourne International Animation Festival begins today. Anyone who loves animation and would love to see other great pieces of work from around the world be sure to check it out. The festival will be running all of next week and will have different shows each day. A week full of fun!

Episode 12 Repeats - 19 Jun 2010
Today at 3:30PM on channel 31 or 44 on digital TV will be the repeat of our 12th episode. For any one who missed out earlier this week, now is a chance to catch up with what you missed. There will also be another repeat on Saturday the 19th at 1:00PM. Hope you all enjoy the show.

M.I.A.F Reminder - 17 Jun 2010
This Saturday the Melbourne International Animation festival will begin and run for 9 long days. Lots of fantastic animations to be seen from all around the world all in one place to enjoy. This is a must see for anyone who is a fan of animation. Be sure to check it out. The festival runs from the 19th till the 27th of June.

Episode 12 Tonight - 14 Jun 2010
Tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 31 or Digital 44, Episode 12 of The Animator's Club will commence. This week we visit a games company called Torus and get their insight on games and animation from working within the industry. Also the episode is jam packed with more artistic goodies and inspirational pieces of work for you to enjoy.

Episode 11 Now Online 14 Jun 2010
Episode 11 has just been uploaded and can be found along with the rest of our episodes. More great know how on animation and some great inspirational works to be seen. Tigr digs himself a hole. Be sure to check it out.

Episode 11 Repeats - 11 Jun 2010
We believe that episode 11 will be repeated today at 3:30PM. For anyone who missed our show Monday night now is your chance to catch up. The next repeat will be on Saturday the 12th at 1:00PM. For those who still don't know, you could be viewing The Animator's Club on digital TV on C31's digital channel.

Episode 11 Tonight - 7 Jun 2010
Tonight our 11th episode goes to air on Channel 31. More animations, more passion, more tips and tricks for everyone to enjoy. We pay a visit to an illustrator named Eddy Crosby who has a lot of tips to offer animators. We are now broadcast in digital so for those who haven't done so already, be sure to rescan your digital boxes and look for channel 44 which is the new channel 31.

Episode 10 Now Online - 6 Jun 2010
Well here you go folks. Episode 10 fresh off the press for all of you to enjoy and for those who missed it when it was on TV earlier this week. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Episode 9 Now Online - 31 May 2010
We just uploaded our ninth episode for all of you to enjoy. You'll find it on the episodes page amongst the other great episodes. For your dose of animation, tips and inspiration be sure to check it out. Hope you enjoy.

C31 Gone Digital - 31 May 2010
C31 are undergoing their testing phases of digital broadcast. Everyone is able to watch Channel 31 in digital two weeks before their official launch date. During this time The Animator's Club will still air so you will all get to enjoy the digital goodness of The Animator's Club. Be sure to catch our next episode tonight at 10:30PM as we make our leap into the digital revolution! Viva la Animator's Club!

Episode 9 Tonight - 24 May 2010
Tonight our ninth episode will be shown on C31 at 10:30PM. More great animations, more tips and tricks and more passion. A must see for anyone interested in the arts and wanting to learn a thing or two. This week we meet up with Dirk De Bruyn who has done a lot of 16mm work and expresses his interests to animation and important choices that all animator's have to make. You will be able to catch a repeat on Saturday the 29th at 1:00PM. We hope you enjoy this one.

Episode 8 Now Online - 23 May 2010
We just uploaded the next episode your your weekly dose of animation goodness. If you missed it on TV during the week, now is your chance to catch up with what you have missed out. Some great tips and advice to be learned. Hope you thoroughly enjoy this one.

Melbourne International Animation Festival - 19 May 2010
The 10th Melbourne International Animation Festival is approaching. All sorts of amazing animations from around the world will be gathered in one place at the ACMI cinemas at Federation Square. There will be 9 days of animation goodness. The event begins on the 19th of June right through to the 27th of June. A must see for anyone into animation. For more info please visit

Episode 7 Now Online - 18 May 2010
We have just uploaded episode 7 of The Animator's Club for you to watch and absorb all the information about animation that you need to know. Play, pause, rewind, watch some more later, enjoy it all at your own pace.

The Composer's Revenge - 17 May 2010
We have a new challenge here for anyone feeling creative. We have posted two sound tracks in our forum for you to choose from. Your mission is to create an animation to one of the sound tracks. People who complete this challenge quick enough will have the opportunity to have their work shown in one of our episodes. Good luck to you all.

Episode 8 Tonight - 17 May 2010
We bring you episode 8 tonight on channel 31 at 10:30 PM. We visit an animation company called Bogan Entertainment Solutions" to learn about what they do and how they do it. We also get an insight into traditional style animation. Be sure to watch the episode to catch all the goodies we have to offer you. Enjoy.

Episode 6 Now Online - 11 May 2010
As promised we now bring you episode 6 of The Animator's Club for you to learn and enjoy with. This time we visit a games company called "Tantalus" and find out some interesting things about animating for games. Be sure to check this out out over in our episodes section

Episode 7 Tonight - 10 May 2010
Brace yourself for another exciting episode of The Animator's Club at 10:30PM tonight. Episode 6 Will be up online soon for those who missed it last week. (Rendering in progress)

Episode 5 Online - 1 May 2010
Today we bring you episode 5 of The Animator's Club for your viewing pleasure. Watch it as many times as you like! More tips and tricks about animation to be learned. Enjoy.

Episode 5 - 26 Apr 2010
As usual we bring you our weekly episode. Episode 5 will go to air tonight for all of you to enjoy and further enhance your artistic skills. Tonight at 10:30PM on channel 31. Some of you may have already seen this episode last Friday due to a mix up at the TV station. Hope you enjoy.

Episode 4 Now Online! - 24 Apr 2010
We have just uploaded the next episode for your animation needs. More tricks of the trade to be learnt, more tips on drawing and awesome animations to be watched.

Episode 3 Now Online! - 18 Apr 2010
Episode 3 is online already for all of you to enjoy. Get ready to pick up some tips 'n tricks and other insights to animation. Please leave any comments or feedback in the forum.

Episode 2 Now Online! - 15 Apr 2010
Episode 2 of The Animator's Club can now be found in our Episodes section. More insights into animation to be learned. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 3 - 12 Apr 2010
Our next episode goes to air tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 31. For all you Animator's and fans of animation out there be sure to check it out. Repeats will follow on Friday the 16th at 4:00PM and on Saturday the 17th at 1:00PM if you are unable to see it tonight.

Episode 1 Now Online! - 10 Apr 2010
We are proud to announce that we have added our first episode to the website for all of you to enjoy. Head on over to the Episodes section and enjoy the goodies we have to offer you.

Episode 2 - 05 Apr 2010
Tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 31 episode 2 of The Animator's Club will commence for all of you to enjoy. There will be a repeat on Friday 9th of April at 4:00PM and Saturday the 10th at 1:00PM for anyone who is unable to see it tonight.

Animations Added! - 30 Mar 2010
We have added some animations to the Animations section of the website. "Bug Off", "Better Than You", "Litter Bug" and "Today's Special". We hope you enjoy these fantastic animations.

Chroma Key - Change The Blue Wall - 27 Mar 2010
During our TV series we welcome club viewers and members to interact with the show by creating their own artwork for our Animated co-host Bridgette to stand in front of. Your artwork can be out of this world!. It can be a painting, photograph or even a digital drawing. This is your chance to get your artwork to be shown on TV! Jump over to Bridgette's thread in our forum for more info.

Series 1 is just around the corner! - 24 Mar 2010
Our first series begins soon on Channel 31. So for all you Animator's and fans of animation out there be sure to tune in on the 29th of March at 10:30PM. If this is past your bed time then fear not.. you will also have the chance to catch this episode on Friday the 2nd of April at 4:00PM and also on Saturday the 3rd at 1:00PM during the Easter weekend.

The Hospital Challenge - 02 Jan 2010
The current challenge here at The Animator's Club is to create a soundtrack using household utensils and appliances. This is not exactly something expected of an Animator or a Composer ...otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge now would it!

To set a theme we have chosen Rob Shilo's hospital image. The items you may record can be anything you find lying around the house. The purpose of this task is to try something different and maybe pickup some new skills rather than depending on other resources. For more information jump over to our forum.

Animation Principles - 02 Jan 2010
in Animation there are certain principles that all animator's should follow in order for their work to look good. We will list one principle each week over in our forum and try to explain them as clear as possible. The principles are in place to give animation the feel that it is behaving like real world physics. Following the principles will help bring your animations to life and become more appealing.