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Episode 10

For the best experience be sure to watch this episode in full screen.

Episode 10 - This week we pay a visit to Susan Stamp. Susan began the long process of making animated films first by making a substantial body of drawings from her subject. Animation allowed the introduction of narrative amid the poetry of unfolding, moving image. The short animated film "Cry from the Past" resulted from the process of the endless re-drawing and erasing that must take place in the unfolding sequence of animation.

Also this week in "Tricks of the Trade" Rob talks about the animation principle called "Secondary Actions" and gives some good examples of when this principle is to be used.

Also this week in "Drawing With Passion" Khyan talks about characterisation, adding details to your characters to show that they have a certain history about them.

Bridgette once again empties the mailbag to show you all her favorite selections of artwork for the week.

Skubz has taken up the "Composer's Revenge" challenge and has produced astonishing results. A must see. We also have another submission of a hospital soundrack challenge, this time by Frida Hellström.

Included in this episode you will see some great animations which are:

Rivalry: by Kathryn Parker
Life Is Sweet: by Yu-Kuan, Lu
Cry From The Past: by Susan Stamp


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