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Episode 3

For the best experience be sure to watch this episode in full screen.

Episode 3 - In this episode Skubz takes us through the animation principle of Straight Ahead. While sorting out Annie's old 16mm tripod with imperial fittings to hold the camera and looking for an adapting set up to take a panasonic camera, we stumbled upon another animation situation. Wayne Rogers is famous in Melbourne for fixing journalist's cameras, also did an animation on site with his employees out the back. They experimented with walk cycles of a camera on a tripod. They created a character called F.O.N.K and experimented with a soundtrack made of camera noises. Bridgette takes us through the wonderful world of chroma key with some artwork of our club viewers. In Drawing With Passion, Khyan and Adam show us how to draw a female and male head with two different styles. We catch up with club composer Kent Ross to see what soundtrack he came up with for the challenge we sent him.

Also in this episode you will see some great animations which are:

Defeat Death: by Rob Shilo
Hit By A Car, Fruit Fight & The One: by Chris Abrahams
Little: by Chris Chen
Poppy Heartwood: by Fleur McArthur

The animations by Chris Abrahams and Fleur McArther are great examples of the Animation Principle "Straight Ahead"

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