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Episode 5

For the best experience be sure to watch this episode in full screen.

Episode 5 - This week we travel with Annie and visit an old friend named Michael Buckley. Michael has been around the animation scene in Melbourne for years. He was originally a 16mm animator with a bent towards experimentation. Michael also shows us his design book and his attitude to developing a character out of doodling. Michael works an a sole animator with the disability area. Stephen Stanisic answers back with his completed challenge and explains to us how he went by to achieve his musical pieces. We learn some more principles with Skubs. This week Skubz teaches us the importance of the animation Principle called "Ease in and Out" (Also known as "Slow in and slow out") Bridgette once again show us some fantastic artwork of our club viewers and finally Khyan shows us how to draw the human arm by going into detail about the human form.

Included in this episode you will see some great animations which are:

Fars Dag (Day of the Father): by Jorn Jon Espen
Vernon on Cloud 9: by Katrina Mathers
100% Wool: by Jennifer Seaman
In Transit: by Sang Jin Lee


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