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Episode 7

For the best experience be sure to watch this episode in full screen.

Episode 7 - This episode we meet up with Sonia Kretschmar. Sonia also comes, like Neil Sanders from a graphics background but is now hooked on animation. Sonia became hooked after watching one animation at a The Melbourne Animation Festival. Sonia experiments with other mediums, graphics and textures to give her animations their own unique style.

We take a quick animation class with Skubz where he explains the principle called "Follow Through". Changing the Blue wall with Bridgette with some great home viewer work. In "Drawing With Passion" Adam and Khyan show us the necessities in creating a happy face and an angry face. Khyan also goes into more detail about how to construct the head shape in relation to the human skull.

And to end it all off we check out the lasted submission by Hiroko Nakamura for Rob Shilo's Hospital image.

Included in this episode you will see some great animations which are:

Cat And The Lighthouse: by Phillipa Low
Cheese Adventure - Crumble's Odyssey: by Scott Lynch
Before Dark: by Sonia Kretschmar
The Petrol Can Rider: by Simon O'Carrigan


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