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Episode 8

For the best experience be sure to watch this episode in full screen.

Episode 8 - This week Rob Shilo deliver's to you guys some tricks of the trade. Rob explains the principle behind Exaggeration! and how it is useful in your animations. Bridgette digs deep in her collection of home viewer artwork to show us some of her favorite pieces. "Keep them coming guys!" she says.

We meet up with a animation company called Bogan Entertainment Solutions. Head of this Company is Bruce Kane and he explains to us what they like to do there. We also interview Maurice Argiro who gives us an insight on how to make your flash graphics look more appealing with a sense of 3D. Also we interview Patrick Crawley from within the company who has a background at Disney and knows a fair deal about the traditional style of animation. Patrick explains how they used to animate and how much it is different these days. He also sheds some insights on how we are all capable to create your own animations from home.

Khyan decides to take a holiday from "Drawing With Passion" this week and leave Adam all alone to show you guys how to do some perspective drawing.

We check out the lasted submission by Zac Richards for Rob Shilo's Hospital image. A rather interesting result Zac had produced for us. A must hear.

This week we bring in a new segment called "The Composer's Revenge" where the composers get back at the animator's and make them do all the hard work by challenging the animators (such as yourself) to create an animation to their own music.

Included in this episode you will see some great animations which are:

A Metallic Bond: by Kate Fischer
Minor Criminal Investigators: by Moon Sun Lee
Broken Sleep: by Maurice Argiro


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