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Episode 9

For the best experience be sure to watch this episode in full screen.

Episode 9 - This week we meet up with Dirk de Bruyn who is originally a 16mm film maker and animator. Dirk has an interesting take on animation. We get to see some of his work and hear some of his inspiring words for creating artistic work.

Bridgette has more work to show from our club viewers at home. We have seen some amazing art of all ages and would love to see more. Rob teaches us some more principles of animation, the week he indulges us with the principle called "Arcs".

Also this week in "Drawing With Passion" our two favorite artists Adam and Khyan show us a great deal of know how with action poses for your characters.

We receive a new submission for the hospital image. Andrew Tolley has shown us his completed challenge and we now share it to all of you for a listen. We're looking forward to seeing more submissions from all of you.

Once again we enter our new segment called "The Composer's Revenge" where we welcome everyone to create an animation to one of the sound tracks that we provide which can be found in our forum. This week's submission comes from Chris Dickman.

Included in this episode you will see some great animations which are:

The 5.55: by Lucy Fahey
Oceans: by Joanne Fong
Isnald: by Zac Richards
The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: by: Travis Sheflin


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