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The Animator's Club artwork

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About Us

The Animator’s Club is a community of people who are linked together by their passion for animation. Each Club members can share tricks, ideas and artwork.

The Club explores every aspect of animation, allowing club members to send in their own creations, or just sit back, relax and watch. All members are happy to give feedback to help you improve.

The Animator's Club looks at the initial spark of an idea that strikes in the middle of the night, an idea which is conversed around a conference table, or just friends chatting over a humble pizza.

The Animator’s Club examines, discusses and dissects; leaving no stone unturned. The Club Members get hard-core facts out of large Companies and other sucessful animators to help, up and coming Animators.

We also spend time really understanding the concept of soundtracks for Animation. It gets inside the very mind of musical composers and asks them to reveal their secrets.

During our TV series we welcome all viewers to submit artwork that they create to be used as a background for our Chromakey segment.

The Animator’s Club also throws set challenges at its fellow club members to further progress ones skills and abilities. We hope to have a fun and exciting time with everyone.