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Episode 11

For the best experience be sure to watch this episode in full screen.

Episode 11 - This week in "Tricks of the Trade" Rob talks about the animation principle called "Timing" and explains the importance of it. It is an important principle to master. In addition to this week's "Trick's of the Trade" we branch out to show you some cool compositing effects that involve animation by Simon Bull.

Also this week in "Drawing With Passion" Adam shows how to draw stylish clothing and props for your characters to help build on their personality and give them more appeal.

In "Knock on the Door" we pay a visit to a great illustrator named Eddy Crosby. Eddy has been drawing and painting since he was a child and had a passion for creating fantastic illustrations. Although Eddy may be an illustrator, he still has lots to offer animator's. Eddy also gives us an insight into colour theory.

Digging deep this week into the mailbag Bridgette pulls out her favorite shots for the week to change the blue wall with.

We have a new submission to the Hospital sountrack challenge. This week Rob Shilo thought he would take up the challenge just to see what it was like and it seemed to be quite an enjoyable challenge he says. Be sure to check out his masterpiece.

Included in this episode you will see some great animations which are:

The Toy: by Shreyas Deshpande
Three Shots - An exploration of 3D effects: by Simon Bull
Germ Art: by Kuit Ming Shyan (Dean)
Whimper: by Christopher Hocking
Butterfly's in Hot Breeze: by Charu Monga


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